If you have been searching for parts for your car in England you must have come across several new technologies that are waiting to transform the way we travel. Companies like GM are planning to introduce cars without steering wheels and pedals and no human back up drivers.  While all this sounds exciting there is a mild trepidation on how this technology will fare in this chaotic world of ours? The truth is out there and we need to find it before we are overwhelmed with technology in every sphere of our lives.

A few areas of concern with the latest technology are:

  1. technology distracting? While autonomous driverless cars will still take some time to hit the roads, the advanced technologies of today found in cars is a matter of concern. The advent of smartphones has been the game changer. It is a rarity to find a driver who is not fiddling with his phone for whatever reason during driving. This is potentially suicidal in some cases. But with advanced technology and the use of Bluetooth drivers need not take their eyes off the road anymore; you can control several features via voice commands and with controls mounted on your steering wheel.
  2. Can your privacy be compromised? It is a common belief that anyone can access your personal contacts and addresses keyed into your system. This is a possibility if you do not take the necessary precautions. But with the Bluetooth connection between your phone and your navigation system you can control what is available by turning off your Bluetooth when you hand over your car to the valet and none of your messages and contacts will be available.

Thus, modern technology can be used for your benefit if you know how to. Familiarize yourself with all the things your vehicle can do and can’t do; educate yourself on how to protect your data when you hand over your car for repairs or to valets. Technology is a double-edged sword that must be wielded with care damage will ensue.…