Every application and social media request for your login details. These details include personal information such as name, email address, phone number and sometimes even the home address. Those that involve payment transactions request for bank details along with your PAN card number when tax deduction comes into the scenario.

There was a very scary article recently online that stated that if the hacker can access your name and date of birth from your social media such as Facebook, he could these details to go into the income tax site, obtain pan card and phone numbers. With these details, an identity theft is very easily possible. With a duplicate PAN card and another sim card, he has everything he needs to become you.

The question that you should ask is, where are your login details stored in the world wide web?  While visiting a website, when you check the box that says ‘Remember Me’, the website will save this login information on a cookie. The computer sends this login cookie to the website whenever you visit this website. You are logged in immediately. Saving the login details can save you time but give access to precious data to just anyone who can use your laptop.

There are many ways to prevent cybercrime. Identity guard is one of them. This app can help prevent online identity theft.  Bid farewell to any worry regarding identity theft by installing such applications. It will give you real-time warnings as soon as the unusual activity is noticed on any of your registered accounts. Your financial data is also kept safe. You do not have to worry about keeping track of your different accounts. Your apps will do it for you.

No matter where you sign in. beware to use only a secure page. That will keep both your login details as well as your identity safe when online.…