There cannot be a single person who has not come across flashlights in their lifetime. They might have used it for personal purpose or might have used one at work. Even kids use it.

Technology changes have even changed the flashlights. Lights which were initially bigger in size with very big batteries slightly got reduced in size with the usage of AA and AAA batteries. Now, we have flashlights much smaller than the size of our palm.


  • Instead of a thick bulb, these small size flashlights use Light emitting diodes (LED) to produce light.
  • Though these are smaller in size, they can produce light with high efficiency and can even run for longer time.
  • These are not easily damaged as these are very small.
  • As these appear small and compact, their mechanisms must also be designed in such a way it fits the compact size.
  • A normal button switch may not fit such lights. So, a simple construction must be followed to switch it on and off.
  • Certain small flashlights come with a twist operation to switch them on and off.
  • These lights use batteries of different types; the smallest flashlights you can find uses smallest button cell batteries.
  • Carrying it with you, need not be a big problem as it comes even in the size of a small keychain. Current technology has developed so much that one can have the flashlight in their pockets or pouches or can hang them around your neck like a chain with a locket.

So, do not assume that these are very small and are not worth purchasing it. Though these are small, based on the batteries and LED’s that are used, they can produce a high to low efficient light. So, know about the batteries that are used in a flashlight before purchasing it.