How much is too much? This question is ever-looming, especially when we talk about technology and its usage by children. In the times when the whole world is on web literally, it becomes difficult to generate interest in the real life. Researchers have found through surveys that from a safe 3-4 hours screen time, children are now unapologetically spending 7-8 hours on some kind of screen. While this is alarming to the ears at first, there might be some good points about it too.

Bright side

  • Children need to hone skills for faster reaction. The web gives them perfect ambiance for this.
  • Since virtual life seems safer, children find it more encouraging to express their views on social networking. At the same time, they feel empathetic for their online peers.
  • The web is the answer to the perpetual curiosity to know more. Technology has sorted questions we were never allowed to ask also!

Dark side

  • Too much of time on screen can affect the quality of relationship children share with their parents. Children spending time doing creative work like drawing, dancing etc, in addition to their obligatory tasks at school and home, are more attached to their families.
  • Technology can make them ill untimely. They can become short-sighted, obese, emotionally and physically weak. In fact, the development of such children starts to rip off while they have still not fully evolved.
  • They engage in risky activities endorsed by the web world.

The world is a mix of good and bad, and we are the proud contributors to it. I got my son this hoverboard for his birthday, enough to keep him engaged, challenged and happy for a while. Let’s try employing our kids’ brains and energies to some challenging activities and keep snoozing the alarm.…